The PRO-Zone Cooking System Expansion Rack, Large

  • $ 14.99

Want even more cooking space? Combine the Expansion Rack with our PRO-Zone Cooking System for up to a whopping 660 square inches of grilling room! Now you can cook ribs, whole roasts and chicken, steaks and more all at once! This Stainless Expansion Rack easily attaches to our PRO-Zone Cooking System to add a second or third level cooking surface to your kamado or kettle.  Use the Expansion Rack to create a tiered surface for our Half Moon Ceramic Heat Deflectors for multi-zone cooking perfection. The Expansion Rack also allows you to place a pizza stone in your kamado and bake that scrumptious pie over indirect heat all while directly grilling your ribs, meats and roasts to perfection!

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Allows you to 254sq. ft. of cooking space
  • Mix and match heat deflectors, grill grates, pizza stones and more
  • Works with our PRO-Zone Cooking System

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