Cast Iron Grill Grate for 22 Inch Weber Kettle 22"

  • $ 79.97


Upgrade your kettle with this grill grate. We all know how great grilling on kettle grills is. It can be as easy or complex as you'd like. Burgers? No problem. Low and slow on some ribs? No problem. The kettle is just that versatile! Now you can make your grilling experience even better. Cast iron grill grates make grilling on your kettle even better. Get improved sear marks on your steaks, burgers, hot dogs, and chicken! It makes food look and taste even better.

  • BETTER SEAR MARKS! - Get those perfect grill marks and improve flavor
  • LONG LASTING cast iron doesn't break down like other grill grates
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Non- stick cast iron means that cleaning your grill is easier than ever
  • EASY TO FLIP - Food does not stick to our pre-seasoned surface

This grill grate will make every cook you do better. 

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