The PRO-Zone Cooking System


What is Premium Rack Optimized Zone Cooking?

PRO-Zone Cooking is simply the best way to leverage both direct and indirect cooking methods at the same time to make the most of your grill and make you the envy of all your guests!

Our PRO-Zone Cooking System replaces your standard cooking grate with a complete system of grates, deflectors and extension racks to add a second and even third level of cooking surface in your kamado or kettle!  Design the PRO-Zone Cooking System in any combination you choose or use one of our Chef Kit combinations to get started today!

Choose from Grill Grates and Extenders, Heat Deflectors, Pizza Stones and more. With our PRO-Zone Cooking System you can get a whopping 660 square inches of cooking space! Now you can cook ribs, whole roasts and chicken, vegetables, steaks, pizzas, and more all at once! Cook, grill, bake, saute, smoke or steam anything you can dream of!

    • Choose your own configurations*
    • Creates up to 660sq. in. of grilling space
    • Fits most kamados and kettle grills or smokers
    • Works with Heat Deflectors, Grill Grates, Grill Extenders, Pizza Stones and more

Instantly Add to Your Cooking Repertoire!
Using our heat deflectors, grill grates, Stack Rack, pizza stone, and more, there are no dishes you cannot cook. Any meal is possible!

Expand your grilling surface up to 250%!
The PRO-Zone Cooking System allows you to cook on multiple levels at the same time. With the optional Stack Rack (sold separately) you can even cook on three levels! This gives you up to 660 square inches of total cooking surface- more than any other standard (18") grill!



Grill like the PRO's!
The PRO-Zone Cooking System also allows you to add custom halved cooking surfaces for even more cooking versatility!  By stacking up to 3 levels of cooking surfaces, you can create different cooking zones within your grill just like the professionals do. Cook roasts "low and slow", grill veggies to perfection and sear the perfect steak all at the same time!

PRO-Zone Cooking System

Halved Cooking Grates

Halved Heat Deflector

Stack Rack 


Standard grilling (2 half grates)

Standard smoking (2 half grates/2 half moon heat deflectors)

Indirect/direct grilling

(2 half grates/1 half moon heat deflector)

Multi-level indirect/direct grilling

(1 or 2 half grates/1 half moon heat deflector)

Two-level higher heat grilling

(2 half grates/1 full grate)

Two-level lower heat grilling

(1 full grate/1 Stack Rack Grill Extender)

Three-level grilling

(2 half grates/1 full grate/1 Stack Rack Grill Extender)


    Expansion Rack//2 half moon heat deflectors/1 pizza stone)