Kettle Zone Cooking System

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This is going to change the way you use your grill. 

Easily transition your grill from a low and slow smoker to a grilling and searing machine. The KZCS comes with a base rack that fits into your grill and has a locking mechanism to prevent it from spinning. This rack has a bottom level that holds a heat deflector or can be used for a wok, pot, or a searing grate. The KZCS also comes with two ceramic half moon heat deflectors and two half moon stainless steel cooking grates. The perfect setup to get you cooking more on your grill.

One of the benefits to the Kettle Zone is raising the cooking surface further away from the charcoal. This helps prevent unwanted burning and gives you more of a convection cooking environment.

The full Kettle Zone Cooking System comes with 1-Base Rack, 2- Half Moon Ceramic Heat Deflectors, and 2- Half Moon Stainless Steel cooking grates. Fits the 22in Weber Kettle.

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